Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out and about today

and I will be looking for new leads and places to drop books. I know it is the most simple part of the business but it is the most important. For a person in the direct sales industry or anyone else who owns their own business you are never closed. You have to always be on and ready for anything. So I always keep a basket of books and host packets in my car.

I have a neat idea that I have even used I actually got a hook that goes over the back of a door in your house. You know the one you hang your robe on and I use it for my car. I hang it on my window and on the hook part I have individual bags with a book inside. I have a little sign that says free please take one.

I have my information on the back glass of my car so when people see that they may be interested but may not have time to write it down. I know I have seen the information on cars so many times so why not go that extra step. When you park your car in the parking lot take out your hook and place your books and go. It is a small step but that one little step may get you your next big customer or hostess.

So just remember you are always working and we always have to be on our toes and come up with new ideas.... What ideas do you have for growing your business?


  1. Following you from "Follow Me Back Tuesday". I, too, hope to own my own business someday. Glad I found your blog! Can't wait to see how your journey goes! :-)


  2. Great idea about hanging something from your car when your out shopping...will need to put something together and try it out. Thanks!