Thursday, May 27, 2010

How do you handle Holidays?

I am one who has to work a full time job so when I hear holiday I think woohoo time to take a break. But, with a direct sales business I have come to find out that there are no holidays. Your customers may be out and about traveling and having parties. This is where you shine your invited to a cookout so bring something related to your business. For me I have to options I can bring a dish in a Longaberger dish or basket. Or if it is outside I can bring one of my citronella candles as a host gift. You never want to show up empty handed so why not help your business while you have fun.
Now I'm not saying bring your item and have a sales pitch and try to sell your product. But, if someone mentions your product there is your opportunity to speak about your product. This is also the time I work on my website. I am lucky to have a website for each of my businesses they are replicas of the corporate site so I have to come up with something to make them different and interesting. So I am always in search of something. I don't want to always be doing the sales pitch that's no fun but I always include specials and events I may be doing. I also include the information about my blog and facebook page. Then I have a fun section where I come up with candle recipes or food recipes I like or just a fun tip I don't always want to do the sales pitch.
Do you have any ideas about how to handle the holidays? How do you generate business during a busy time of the year?

I look forward to hearing your ideas......

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