Monday, May 31, 2010

Are we targeted?

So now that I have your attention. I attended a Vendor Show which I love by the way. The vendors started chatting and her come the drawing entries. Now I entered hey its free stuff right. Well, guess who won Me! So excited so I go to collect my prize and there it is the pitch. Hey everyone needs to make money but sometimes I just feel targeted. I already sell for another company so I know how it works why not sell for them to.
Now with that being said I am considering it I may be a pink lady for the discount. I am all about saving money. Her pitch was fantastic I will say she was very enthusiastic about her career and it rubbed off on me. I would love to have success like that with my business.
But how much is to much? I have success in my two businesses now so should I rock the boat and add another. This weekend I asked some friends and family their opinion. It was mixed I had some that said oh I will order stuff and some that said am I out of my mind so here I am still not knowing what my move is going to be.

So here I am asking all my blogging friends...... What do you think how many businesses do you own? How much is to much?

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  1. I think it is really up to how much the time the individual has to commit to a business.