Monday, May 31, 2010

Organizational idea....

I was cleaning the house today and decided I needed a way to keep my paperwork for my businesses separate and in order. So da da da here it is I had two wrapping paper stackable boxes and I thought those would work great for my stuff. I was right and so happy I could put all by books and bags and order forms in the bottom. I had a tray on the top that fit perfectly for one book and order forms so I could see what was in the bottom. They stack right on top of each other so they fit nice and neat under the bed. Out of the way but I can easily access them.

So now I have an extra place to put my extra supplies. Which is great it's not floating around the house getting messed up or thrown out. I know what I have and where I need to go to get it. Organization is key in any business it takes a small amount of time but has big payoff. It saves money which is better then anything. How many times have you ordered more books cause you thought you were low only to find a pack in a box you forgot about. I know I have more times then I care to admit. So I am now on a mission to stay organized and ready for the growth of my business.
What organizational ideas do you have? What has worked for you?
I would love to hear them....

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