Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rant well Kinda....

Have you ever had a moment where nothing you do seems to be right? Well today seems just like that for me. I have been up and at it all day trying so hard to get a party booked and today it was just a no go. Everyone was busy or just plain out did not want to. My question is how when no matter what you do nothing seems to fall into place how do you keep motivated?

I really really I mean really want this to work I do NOT want to be sitting at my desk job for the rest of my life. So after being rejected and trust me I know they are not personally rejecting me. I decided to do a little research I have quickly come to find out that if you want an opinion about something check out a blog. So whenever I search for anything I always add blog to the end. Well in my searching I found a blog that was full of ummm pink people bashing a certain company. All I can say is WOW! I was looking into selling that certain thing but have really taken a step backward have some doubt.

Do you have success? I feel like for the most part I do for me this is not a full time job even though I would love it to be. I have faith and confidence that I will do this for the rest of my life I love selling I love the ideas and most of all I love my friends that I have within not only my Gold Canyon Family but my direct selling family. I have found the most caring and understanding people at some of the functions that I have attended.

OK so now that my rant is over for now at least.... I just want to say to all my customers and even my future consultants Thank you. Thank you for being my friends and helping me on my journey and for me it is not about one quota or special promotion it is about you!!!!

Have a wonderful week my friends until we meet again....

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