Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank you cards

Do you send out thank you cards? I have to admit I had not really been doing it. But, after having to cancel a meeting with a certain pink lady due to being ill. I received a get well card in the mail. It was most unexpected but you know it made day. After lugging myself out to the mailbox and sorting through all the bills on the way back in there it was a nice little card. Nothing fancy just a little card that said sorry your sick hope you feel better soon looking forward to our meeting Saturday.
It wasn't much but it stuck in my mind and to tell the truth I was on the fence about meeting with her but I thought if she could take the time in her day so can I. You know she made a sale out of that little card that probably cost a quarter.
With that being said thank your customers if they place an order. Go to the dollar store and get a box of cards for a dollar and watch your business grow. Seriously, I mean think about birthdays or anniversary's when having your customers fill out contact cards add that stuff in so you can add your personal touch.
Even ask if it would be ok to contact their spouse with suggestions for gifts for their birthday or anniversary. Offer the men one stop shopping let them know what their wife or girlfriend likes and wrap it and deliver it to them. Make it easy for them and they will come back.

What are your ways to thank your customers?

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