Friday, May 21, 2010

More then one business

Is it a good idea to have more then one home business? I have been selling Gold Canyon Candles for two years. Just this week I signed up to sell Longaberger so now I am the proud owner of two businesses. Kinda thinking it may be to much for me but I guess I will soon find out.
I have heard that I should focus on one business and not start another. But, me being crazy and all I just took it right on. So now that my new Longaberger kit will be arriving soon I will be ready to go. Now all I have to do is sell $1000.00 in 45 days and a kit that would have cost me $399 will be a grand total of $45.00.
Now comes the hard part fitting that in with the candle shows I already have booked. So here we go I am sure there will be some ranting and raving going on here in the next few weeks.
Do you have any tips for juggling a crazy schedule?


  1. (stopping by from BlogFrog)-

    I say it's ok. I say that because I have two. I've had a marketing firm since '94. About 2.5 yrs ago I was bored, fried, burned out. I had done some grant writing for volunteer projects and loved it. I asked my dad for advice. He's a "serial entrepreneur." He just quickly said, "Leigh, no one said you can only own one business. If the two things don't make a logical connection, set up a diff LLC and go for it." I decided NOT to close or sell my 1st biz. I did my course work part time for certification then started my second firm.

    We have a lot in common. Small business. Two young boys (mine are 10 & 12). PT schooling. If you want to hear how well I don't handle it, stop by

    ps- when you post your link in BlogFrog, don't enter http:// in the field. I think they have it already, so when you put your link it, it didn't come to your site because it had a bad address (it had http:// twice in URL)

  2. I will stop by sounds like we do have alot in common. Thanks for the tip in BlogFrog still learning all this stuff :)