Monday, June 21, 2010

Does anyone know how to.....

Get a link to work on this thing. I have tried to put links in my post and every time I do the link does not work. It adds the blogger address in front of whatever I put in. Any help would be great.
Well anyways today has been a crazy day. My youngest has chicken pox found out even if you have the vaccine you can still get a form of it. Little upset about that but oh well at least its not to bad.
I have been running around all day trying to take care of the kid and work. That is what I love about my business I came home and found out that I had made money while I was out. I have a website that is offered through Gold Canyon and Longaberger and low and behold I had received an order. So I made money without doing a thing. Well I can't say that I talk about my business all the time. I leave my books everywhere I can think of.
In my new car I have the sync system so I am able to make calls hands free. All I have to do is tell it to call home and it dials the number. I am in love with this feature so I used it to call customers and make sure they received their orders and were happy.

So that is what I did with my business today. What have you done for yours?

PS if you know how to add links that work please please please let me know!!!!

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