Saturday, June 19, 2010

What types of Social Media do you use

The reason I ask is I have started using twitter for my candle business. So now I have the blog which I have to say is my favorite I really have the flexibility to say what I want. Then I have the facebook page which I like because I can get all my specials out to everyone at the same time. Now with all that I have found it does take a lot of work keeping up with all of them.
Then sometimes I fall into the thing of thinking of different things to say on each one. If the same people are reading them then the content has to be different keep things interesting.

Do you post business updates on your personal facebook page? I was thinking about going this route but I know not all my friends are interested in my candles. I know it's sad but its the truth not everyone is interested and we are going to hear more no's then yes's. So I started the Crazy Candle Lady that way if your interested you can join and I do not feel like I am spamming you with my ads and specials.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts as always share what you have learned or would like to learn more about......

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