Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed....

Today was house cleaning day. Not only for my house but for my business as well. I have felt so cluttered and lost this past week just plain overwhelmed. It has been a crazy week and I had just decided that I needed to make a change. I am one who cannot function in a cluttered environment and with the kiddos home from school for the summer things just got a little out of control.

First I will say it is OK to feel overwhelmed it took me along time to realize that it will happen and I will be able to carry on and you can too. So today I took the time and deep cleaned my house and went through all the stacks of paper on my desk and chucked what needed to be chucked. Now I feel like I can conquer the world. Sounds corny but it is so true when I walk into my office and it is nice and clean everything in place I just feel like I can do anything.

So now I am off to make a schedule for the week and stick to it by the way. Break it down by the day and block off time for my scheduled activities. So I would block off my wonderful 8 hours I have to put in to my have to job (at least for now). But oh I have my lunch break so I can use that to drop off books or even head to my car and call some clients.

I then block off the rest of my time for anything else. I block off time for my blogging, customer calls, making appointments. Whatever you can think of to grow your business that is the key whatever you schedule needs to grow your business.

How did you grow your business today? I would love to hear your ideas on what works for you.

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