Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Using Facebook for your business

I want to start off by saying I think Facebook is a wonderful tool to help build your business. I love that I have the opportunity to connect with my customers at one time. With that being said I have found myself with a little bit of a problem. I have a page for my business where people can now like the Crazy Candle Lady and I also have my personal page.

The first problem I have is the people who request to be my friend and do not write a message telling me anything about themselves. I have had 3 today not one word just their picture. I would like to network and meet new people after all that is why I am here. I just want a little information about people before I accept them as friends. I know I can delete them if the content they provide is not of a flattering nature. That is just one more step that I do not want to take. Now that I have that off my chest what is your take on this? How do you handle friend requests?

For the second part of Facebook I have a fan page where you can like me. Now I am on the fence as you know I read a lot of blogs and some say not to do a fan page. They say that a group page is much better. I know I need a page so I can share my content with everyone and to think about adding another page to my facebook life right now is just not going to happen. I have so much to do now and spreading yourself thin absolutely does no good. Spread thin just means less valuable content.

So my question to you is what do you use? I would love to hear what you have to say I will have to admit I really do not have the answer to this question I just cannot decide what I should do.

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