Thursday, August 5, 2010

To carry or not carry inventory that is the question

The short answer is NO not when you first start a home based business.  I know there are great deals when you sign up. You get so much off products and they make all these great packages for you to help jump start your business.  It is hard to say no but really you need too.  I know when I started I wanted and needed to make money and the thought of putting out more money before I even made my first sale was just not going to happen for me.  So I didn't do it and it sure did not make my leader very happy.

 I scheduled my open house with only the products I had from my kit and I went from there.  I booked shows and carried my kit right along with me I mean why not the company had a team of people who picked the highest selling products to put in that kit.  So there I was no inventory just my kit and my customers could care less.  They purchased the products they wanted and delivered it right to their door. 

Once I got a better understanding of what my customers wanted and what products were selling that is when I SLOWLY started building my inventory.  I kept the products my customers used on hand and sent them reminders when they should be running low.  We all know word of mouth is the best advertising make your customers happy and they will make you happy by spending money and referring their friends. 

Once you build your clients that is when you should start carrying inventory in small batches.  Let's face it products change and package changes and you do not want to be stuck with old product.  Trust me it will not sell no one wants old product.  If you do sell it, it will be at such a discount you will not make any money. 

Today's lesson my friends inventory in moderation!!!

Have fun sell those products make those contacts until next time my friends.


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