Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do you handle all those emails everyday?

How do you handle your email?  I know mine has gotten crazy here recently with all the communities and customers and let's not forget all the personal emails I receive on a daily basis it is nothing for it to reach 25 to 30 in day.  I know it is going to get worse and I actually want it to because that means I am doing my job. 
Well about a month ago I decided that I was changing it up and making folders and rules so that my emails would dump into the folders and my inbox would be clean . Well I have to say that did not work for me at all.  I have Verizon and they have changed the layout and when I would log on I could not see the messages in my folders.  Well let's just say I kinda forgot about them and that is not good. 

So I have changed it around again.  Now I kept the folders but not the rules.  I have decided that I will not check my email if I do not have time to devote to a answer to an email.  So here is what I do now I have a rule that if I open it I have to act on it.  That means if it is a client and I open it I read it and must make an action on it I write back and let them know I have received i and will be working on it.  I hate sending someone an email and getting no response back at all.  So even if someone sends me something that requires no action on my part I send  simple thank you or a quick little note saying it was good to hear from you how are things going?  Keeping dialog and getting to know your clients makes your business.  OK getting of task here but hey got a good idea for a future post.

Back to the email now I see it I open it and I make a decision after action is taken I then put it into the folder it belongs in.  ONLY if it needs to be kept I mean those lovely forwards that my mom loves to send me get tossed.  While the clients order or one of the feeds I receive for LinkedIn or BlogFrog that I want to keep are put in their folders for future reading. 

So what kinda girl or guy are you the folder type or the huge inbox type?  Curious to hear what works for you hey you know to each their own.  Remember if it ain't broke don't fix it.  But don't be afraid to try new things and fall back to what works for you!

Until next time my friends


  1. I know it sounds crazy but I have a good old fashioned yahoo e-mail and I keep it for the folders. I'm sure I keep more e-mails than I should but there's room and I can sort pretty easily that way. Nice content, keep up the good work.

  2. I have decided that that type of email works best for me just the plain ole email. I know I keep way to many emails as well but I am always afraid I will need it or want to look at it again so I keep it. So it stays in the folder until I decide I don't need it anymore then its gone. Thanks so much for the comment it really means alot!

  3. I have, are you ready for this, 3 email addresses. One is via our internet provider and I consider this our personal one. Then I have Yahoo and Gmai. On all three I use filters and folders. All three programs show when a folder has a new email and how many so I always know when I need to check. Having worked as a secretary/assistant/bookkeeper etc for over 20 years, I guess I just naturally sort things.

  4. Sunny I have started a second email for my business so I could kinda keep it seperate from the personal stuff. But, just have not got the nerve up the thought of having to check two emails 20 times a day just not that appealing to me. As far as the folders go that is exactly what I wanted for the emails to go into the folders and let me know that they are there. Not so much with Verizon I had to hit a button to see the folders and then some of the emails went in there and for some reason some would not. So I was not seeing emails and missing stuff so I went back to dumping it all in my inbox and then if I want to keep it I dump it in the folder. I just wish I could have it like my email at work where the inbox is sorted by who it is from rather then the date. Man that makes it so much easier to keep track of stuff.