Saturday, September 18, 2010

Facebook Etiquette

First let me say that I love Facebook!  I am all about connecting with new friends I do not consider my clients just customers but my friends.  I have made some really great connections and I look forward to making many many more. Now with that being there are certain standards that we all have to follow or when someone sees a direct seller trying to friend them they will run!

I received a private message from someone that I have never met or even talked to in my life.  In this message the person was trying to sell me their product.  So, there it was a product that I would not use and now even if this person wanted to friend me I would really have to give it a second thought.  Would they only want to be my friend so they could try to sell me something. 

Now I do not want to offend anyone trust me I want you all to succeed in your business and facebook is a great way to get there.  But you cannot just send a private message to someone you do not know and try to sell them your product.  Actually that is spamming a big no no on facebook.  To be honest if I had gotten a  friend request first and gotten to know not only you but your product I would have been receptive to hearing your sales pitch. 

Now for the second part of this post when you send a friend request to someone please use that little link that says add a personal message.  It takes a minute to add something and trust me it makes a huge difference.    I add something to mine such as Hi I would love to connect with you I see we have many of the same interests I look forward to getting to know you.  Thanks Amanda.

Simple and easy and it really shows that your interested in getting to know that person.  Not just sell them a product.  Now after you get to know them and you see that they may benefit from your product you can private message them. 

Direct Sales and really any other business is about building relationships and making those relationships work for you. 

We all know that it takes time to build a business!  It will not happen overnight but it will happen I promise you work at it and you will benefit!

I would love to hear what you think about facebook...please tell me below!

Till next time...



  1. I think that's a great idea about always adding a personal message in the friend request. I won't add someone unless I know who they are or where they know me from, so great suggestion.

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