Monday, September 27, 2010

No need to be perfect.

It is OK to make mistakes you cannot be perfect all the time!  You can not possibly know everything about your company and products.  I know that we are told we need to be ready for any question that a customer may ask and we need to study our books and know exactly where to go.  But let's be honest we are all busy.

Now I am not saying that we should not look at our books or know anything about our business.  You should know your catalog and you should know the basics like shipping charges and the tax rate for the area you are in.  Those are big questions that are asked all the time.  Without fail when you try to sell a product and the cost is say $15 the next question will be how much is the tax and how much is it going to cost in shipping.

Those are big deals to me that just shows that you know what your doing.  If a customer has a specific question about a product and you don't have the answer right off the top of your head.  Be honest, tell them I don't know but I will be glad to find out for you.  I would love to know that myself.  You get their contact info and find out and contact them.  That is a big one call them email them whatever their preference is and let them know the answer to their question.  They will be appreciative that you took the extra step to find out and contact them.  Nine times out of ten you have a loyal customer because you are a loyal saleswoman.

The second part of this post is no need to be perfect when hosting your parties either.  Make a mistake it is perfectly fine.  Make it fun you mess up laugh about it.  Trust me it will be just fine.  I have been doing home parties for about 5 years I still make mistakes.  I laugh and move on I am human and so are you.  When the people who are looking at your opportunity they will see that it is OK to make mistakes and they don't have to be perfect. 

They will see that they can do this business too.  They don't need to know everything and again they will feel at ease with you and your business.

I would love to hear your thoughts....

Till next time.

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  1. I agree, and will add this. Being perfect is not being human. Humans make mistakes. Anyone who is perfect, suspect them of being an outer space alien ;-).