Monday, September 6, 2010

How do you use twitter

I can admit it I really know little about the whole twitter thing.  Now I do have a twitter account and I would love to use it more.  I know there are great benefits to using it.  I have my blog posts automatically posted on my twitter account.  I will occasionally head on over and try to add something else to it.  But I really just feel like it goes into the vast outer space never to be heard from again.

So here I am asking you guys to help me.  Please tell me how do you use twitter?  I promise I am a smart ole student and I will learn quickly. 

See told you I don't know everything and you know I am fine with that and you should be too!!!!

That is why I started this blog so we can all help each other and learn new things..

I am really looking forward to hearing your answers!!!

Till next time



  1. On Twitter there is definitely a lot of people talking to themselves and I sometimes feel that way as well. The best way to use Twitter is interactively. Read what some of the people you follow are writing and make some comments back. That will start to develop relationships. As these relationships develop, people will start to respond back to you.

  2. You have a Facebook account too, so HootSuite might be a short cut to use. I use it and it has tabs for you to add your accounts. You can make a comment or answer someone else's comment and have it posted on both Facebook and Twitter.You can try it and if you don't like it you don't have to use it again. I am going to click your follow me button for Twitter. When a comment you make appears when I am online I will do my best to answer it.

  3. Well thank you both. I know it is a fantastic tool to use so i'm going to really work on making it work. Sunny Day I am going to check you out as well. Guess it just takes time like every thing else.

    Thanks a bunch ladies.