Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do you let everyone know you are in business

You may have noticed that I have added the tabs for my businesses at the top of my blog.  I had been following the rule of not having business information on my blog.  Then I got to thinking you have to let people know that you own a business and as my readers grow so does the amount of exposure.  Now I like you are in business to make money and if you do not have it listed everywhere that you are then you are not doing yourself the justice you deserve.

Now I am not saying go into forums and broadcast your business opportunity and items you have for sale.   That is spam and even though you love your products not everyone else will.  I will say the one thing that I picked up quickly when I started in direct sales was a thick skin.  You have to remember they are not personally rejecting you they are rejecting your product.

I now direct my customers and people I meet to my blog rather then my replicated consultant site.  I can customize it any way I want it and include a link to my site if they choose to look at what I have to offer.
So my blog will remain the same with the tips and tricks that I have learned but I will  now include my business information on their respective pages.  If you would like to check it out feel free if not well that is perfectly fine too. 

My point today is make sure that people know you are in business.  You can do this while not being pushy and over the top.

I would love to hear what you think! Do you advertise your business on your blog?

Till next time my friends,

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