Monday, August 30, 2010

How not to handle a customer

I was working a vendor fair a couple of months ago and I won a prize at the Mary Kay booth.  I will have to say I was excited I really wanted that product.  Now I knew I would have to go and pick it up well we had a great conversation and even the whole skin care class.  Well I actually purchased $80 worth of product that day.  Now after I purchased the products she went into the opportunity speech.  Which is fantastic that is just what you should do.  How do you know whether the person is interested unless you ask.

Now what is the point to this story you ask. Easy, I took her information and told her I really was not looking for a new opportunity at this time I really had alot on my plate and I would at least think about it.  Well she did her follow up call which was great customer service.  When I told her I was not interested at this time and I thanked her for her time. 

That was it she quit calling me she did not send me anymore follow up emails.  She just well dropped me.  Mind you I had purchased $80 of consumable products from her now I am in need of that very same product and I will not go to her this time. 

My point here is do not discount someone because they do not want to join your business.  They just may be returning loyal customers.  I know many want to become leaders and that is fantastic.  But you cannot forget your customers who will help you get to your goals and stay there. 

Remember a happy customer is a returning customer and the one that will give you fantastic advertising by word of mouth.  She has lost me as a customer and while I may not have spent a fortune she would have still earned money.

So...has anyone else come across this?  Would love to hear what you think....

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