Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is facebook right for my business

I hear the question all the time is facebook right for my business.  Absolutely social media is a wonderful way to connect with customers.  First you need to know that as tempting as it may be spamming your facebook wall is never ever a good idea.  As much as you would love to share your monthly special guess what if not everyone of your friends wants to see this you are spamming. 

So what do I do you ask.  Well I started what they used to call a fan page for my business.  Now people have to hit that like button to become a member.  I can then post my business ideas and specials right there.  How is that not spamming you ask.  Easy they signed up so they know what you will be providing on your page. Now with that you cannot post this type of stuff every time you post.  People will get tired of it and guess what they will ignore you and then your message is lost.

Most of all have fun provide tips and articles that you come across. If you are a direct seller check out what your company sends the consultants.  Always check to see if there are tips or ideas that your customers will find helpful.That is why you are here add your content and update it regularly.  Start relationships build them don't go out looking for the sale go out looking for a friend. 

Think about your friends now would they recommend you to others well keep it up and your new friends will to.  We all know that word of mouth is the best advertising. you have a facebook page I would love to hear how it has worked for you.... and feel free to leave a link I would love to stop by and check it out.

Until next time my friends.....



  1. Thanks for the advice! I usually just post about what new item I listed on my Etsy shop, but it's rare that anyone leaves a comment. I will follow you on Facebook to get some more ideas.!/pages/brendashandmadeetsycom/145533227996

  2. Hi Brenda.. you are welcome and I will tell you that facebook can be a funny thing. I can post tons of stuff and get no comments then all the sudden I will get comments. So while I use it it is not my only avenue. So headin over to check out your facebook now...
    Good luck would love to hear how your doing.