Sunday, August 22, 2010

How do I say no when I am trying to build my business...

The question I have today is how much is to much?  When is it ok to just say no?  I find myself that I have so many things on my plate at any given time.  While I do own my own business I also have a have to job that is one that for certain will pay my bills.  I am also going to college full time and I am a wife and a mommy so my plate sometimes just runs over.  I know I want my business to sustain me and my household so I can let go of my have to job.

In doing that I need to keep a full schedule of shows and meetings that's a given.  But, I just cannot do everything that is presented to me.  So, my lesson here today is do not feel bad if you cannot do that meeting or event that is asked of you. 

My solution to this is ask if you can donate an item to a raffle or door prize offering that they may have.  This way you can contribute to the event and get your name out there while tending to other things you may have on your full plate. 

One key thing to remember is when you offer your item make sure your literature goes with it.  A business card or a book.  Also if you item allows put a contact sticker on the item.  Mine being candles I just put a small label on the bottom saying almost done call Amanda for reorders and then I just list either my number or email address.  This way you can contribute while leaving yourself open to other things. 

Now I am not saying you need to donate a huge item the goal is to get your name out there without spending tons of money.   So use some item you may have received for free.  A good rule I use is no more then $20 dollars customer cost.  Because let's be honest you may or may not get a reorder from this.  But, you have made an impression with the people running the show because even though you could not make it you still helped their cause.  So when the next show rolls around they will be more willing to call you again.  Then who knows you just may have the time and now you have a show built into your schedule.

Building relationships and making friends is what helps us build our business bottom line.  You know the saying you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours.  Well this rings so true in our line of work we have to stand out from everyone else give people a reason to call you and you will benefit from it in the long run.

I would love to hear what you think... Have you had success from raffle items or door prizes?

Till next time my friends..


  1. Very interesting blog post. I find myself trying to expand my business this fall and am questioning how much money to spend, not knowing if there will be any return. I've offered raffle and door prize items and haven't been successful in getting calls from who ever got the item. I'm trying to find ways of getting my name out and appreciate all ideas you may have. Good Luck to you.

  2. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for stopping by! This is a great time to expand your business. I will say I have mixed results from the door prizes and raffles some call and some don't. I actually used a system where the people recieved two tickets so they could write their name and email address on one and keep the other. This way they put the tix with their info in the bag and when the drawing happens you pull it from there. When the event was over each vendor got their bag and the winner was marked we could follow up with them.
    Good Luck and I would love to hear your success!!

  3. Definitely. I find what's hardest to give right now is time, so your idea is perfect.