Thursday, October 21, 2010

How do you project yourself

We all know that there are times that we have to run out to the store to pick something up.  We run out in our old T shirt and sweatpants hair all undone.  Basically looking like we just rolled out of bed.  Without fail when I run out like that I run into someone I know.  There are times when we have a sick kid and the last thing we are worried about is our business but when you have the opportunity to put your best foot forward do you do it?

I am not saying dress up with a skirt and heals everyday.  Just make yourself look nice jeans and a nice shirt have your hair and makeup done.  Trust me when your up and dressed and looking good you feel good and you project that out to everyone.  If you are happy with you then others will be happy with you. 

I know when I am put together I have more confidence I am more open and willing to talk to new people.  The next step in this post is BE NICE.  Make conversation with the clerk checking you out of the store.  Say please and thank you especially if it is a place that you visit often.  Trust me they will remember you and that will work in your favor. 

Remember Direct Sales is not only about new customers it's also about making new friends.  If you talk to then get to know them you will be able to suggest products to them. If you are known as the person who is snippy and has a bad attitude no one is going to be receptive to your business. 

I would love to hear what you think......

Till next time my friends

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