Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hover Mother Smother

What in the world is that?  Easy we have all been told how we need to help our downline grow and succeed in their businesses we all know the more they succeed the better for us.  Well sometimes we just try to hard and I can say I am guilty of this one too.  We hover, mother and smother our recruits business partner's.
We have all seen the charts that they use to show us what our business structure should look like:
For me this type of structure leads to the Hover, Mother, Smother syndrome.  You have to learn when to let go of a business partner and let them run their own business.  Now I am not saying that you should not be there for them when they have a question or need something.  If you provide training in the beginning of their business they will be able to succeed and make it without you holding their hand. 
Mothering your partners means just that.  Being afraid to let them fail making sure that every time they call you run and answer any question they have.  Now, I am not saying you shouldn't be there for them.  But, you need to let them find some answers on their own. 
Smothering your partners can be very easy to do. This one is a very fine line that is easy to cross.  How often do you call your downline?  Is it once a week a couple times a week that is fine in the first month of business but after that you need to scale it back.  That really all depends on the type of business that they want to run.  You will have some that only want to start for the discount on products and some that will work part time and maybe do a couple of shows.  Then you have the full time going to have 3 or more shows a week and this is going to be the only source of income for them. 
So know what your recruits want and stick to it.  Don't push them to recruit if they are just not interested in that part of the business.  Knowing what they want and balancing that with what you want will lead to a successful and happy business relationship.

This is what your business structure should look like.
Everyone should be working together not just one person helping everyone else.  They can help you succeed in your business as well as you helping them.  I will be having more posts about ways to help your partners make their business grow.  

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic.... Are you a hover, mother and smother leader?  I know I find even now I can tend to lean that way. 

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