Thursday, November 4, 2010

The grass ain't always greener

This past weekend I was out shopping and I had a coupon for this famous candle place and I thought hey why not i'll give it a shot.  I am all about saving money.  I can say I tried I just could not manage to find anything that I liked and I realized that not only were my prices better even with the discount but hello they smelled so much better. 

No I am not trying to sell you anything although if you want of course I can take care of that.  But I am trying to say be proud of what you represent.  Use your products know what they are capable of and be absolutly proud.

Sometimes it takes checking out the competition to see what you have.  You know that saying the grass isnt always greener on the other side. 

I am one that really has to do my own investigating I do not do something or use something just because someone tells me too.  I think we should all be encouraging our clients to compare if you are confident in your product and even yourself it will project out to everyone.  Trust me when I say confidence is golden and when you know your stuff and are willing to let someone compare they will be more willing to try it.

I promise I am working on more content..... thinking that I might take this blog in a slightly different direction...I will still be posting about how to grow your business but I am going to do with a little more chat type of stuff.  Rather then it being a stuck up just kinda talking at you. 

Hope you guys like and enjoy the blog and of course I love to hear what you have to say....

Till next time

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