Monday, August 22, 2011

A little bit of a different direction.

I have decided that while I love to give my tips that I have learned along the way I also want to lighten things up a bit.  So I am going to make this a bit of diary it will still have great tips and ideas that I have learned along the way.  Now it will also include fun tips and ideas and sometimes words of wisdom I have picked up along the way. 
I don't want to take this blog in a totally different direction but I know there are tons and tons of direct sales experts out there.  I by no means am one of those people.  I am a real life direct sales consultant who is still struggling to make my business succeed.  I feel that I have not sugar coated things and made it a bunch of roses because one thing that is for certain.  Owning your own business is one of the hardest things you will do.  But with that being said it will also be one of the most rewarding things that you will do. 
So I want this to be a fun place where we can all come and share our stories both the good and the bad.  Let's all learn from each other and lets all grow our businesses to the size they deserve to be and that is huge. 

I am looking forward to my new journey and I hope you are too!

till next time

PS.  Please let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your business success.

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