Saturday, August 13, 2011

Don't reinvent the wheel

This post comes straight from my heart.  As I am guilty of this and have learned my lesson.  Now I want to prevent you from falling into the same trap that I feel into.

There is a reason that Direct Selling has been around for over 100 years its because it works.  We all have seen the directors in our companies that have two three or even thousands of people under them.  I bet if you ask them how they got to that level they will tell you keep it simple.  Get out there meet people and share your opportunity and your catalog.

Our companies offer so many resources for your business.  They offer great catalogs, sales flyer's and specials just to name a few.  So why do so many consultants try to make up there own.  I was guilty of trying to make my own flyer's thinking I was making something unique and I would get so many sales.  Well guess what it didn't happen.  What did happen was I was spending lots of time making them up and spending money on the supplies to print them up.  Let me tell you that color ink that you will need to produce those wonderfully colored flyer's and sales ads does add up fast.  Take a look at your companies flyer's many offer monthly flyer's that you can purchase.  Thank about it all the work has been done for you.  You spend maybe $10 for 20 or 40 flyer's and you don't have to do anything but pass them out. 

The second thing that I will admit I was guilty of was creating my own specials.  This is a big one!   Many consultants who are new in the business think I need to give out a promotion to entice new customers.  This never works.  Why?  The answer is simple because the new customers will always be looking for a new discount.  Bottom line all this does in cut into your profits and we are all in business to make money.  Our companies offer sales on items sometimes as well as customer specials so use them!  You want customers who will be there for you not ones that are only there because you offer discounts. 

Now with all of that there is two exceptions to the rule.  If you have loyal clients who purchase products on a regular basis it is ok to offer them a discount for their birthday.  Send them a postcard telling them Happy Birthday along with whatever discount you would like to offer.  Maybe 20% off or even a free small gift for their birthday.  The other exception is the anniversary month of your business.  This falls along customer appreciation month.  This shows others that you appreciate them supporting your business and it also shows the excitement that you have for your business. 

You want to your customers happy I understand that completely.  But I promise you can have happy loyal customers by charging full price for your products.  So many of us start a business because we want to have fun and make some money.  So if you are working all the time spending your hard earned money on supplies that you really don't need.  Then you have to sell tons more then others because not only are you spending money on things you don't need you are also making less because you are discounting not only your products but yourself.

Till next time

PS. I look forward to hearing both your successes and even failures.  I believe we are always learning please feel free to comment below.

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