Thursday, August 4, 2011

What sets you apart from others?

What sets you apart from your competition?  What can you offer to your customers that a big box store cannot?  The answer to that is simple its YOU!  You offer them a personal shopping experience that you just do not get at say Walmart.  How many times have you gone into a store and had questions about a product and the salesperson just didn't have time for you.  Or you needed help finding a specific item and they just point you in the direction and move on. 

When you go to a store and you find a associate or owner who helps you and answers all your questions and seems to be genuinely helpful. You remember them right?  When someone asks about that store what is your response?  You will tell them about how great you were treated or when it's time to purchase something else you will remember that store and are more likely to go back there. 

YOU can offer that great customer service.  Thank about it you offer a personal shopping experience.  You bring the product to them and you concentrate on a specific amount of product you do not need to thousands of items in a store you just need to know your catalog. 

Yes, you want that sale and of course the more sales you make means the more money you make.  I got that and I understand it completely.  But, we offer a personal experience for our customers and sometimes you just have to as they say stop and smell the roses.  Take a few extra moments and listen to what your hostess wants to earn from her party.  What type of products shes interested in.  Then not only do you know what type of products you may demonstrate at your show.  But, now when a product that you know she is interested in goes on sale you can send her an email or give her a call and let her know.  Is it a guaranteed sale no but she will know that you thought about her and you paid attention to what she likes and trust me she will thank you for thanking about her.  That is what you can offer her that a big box store cannot.

So stop and smell the roses every once in awhile.  Don't look at everyone as a potential sale look at them as potential friends.  Trust me when they know you care about what they like and don't like and your not always about the sale.  They will come to you when they are ready to but and nine times out of ten you will have a customer for life.

till next time

PS.  What type of follow up system do you use?  I would love to hear what works for you

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