Monday, October 11, 2010

Wanna get rich quick

Well hate to tell you it sure will not be with Direct Sales.  Do not get me wrong you can make money serious money with Direct Sales.  But just because you sign on the dotted line and get that wonderful kit do not think that the money will start to pour in. 

Direct Sales is like any other business you have to work at it and yes be prepared to put in more money then you will get out of it in the beginning.  It makes me so upset when I hear people recruiting and talking about how much money these ladies are making.  So and So makes 6 grand a month with her business.  Well she just might it is a real possibility with Direct Sales but what they fail to tell you is she has been working with her business for 10 years and she works full time + some in many cases.

Bottom line is you can make money working both part time and full time.  But you have to know that it can and will happen in time.

What brought on this post you ask?  Well I did a vendor show this weekend which by the way I love doing and guess what hardly anybody there.  I did not pay anything to do this event I actually donated 10% of what I sold to the cause.  Well guess the ladies felt sorry for me and they started ordering and I sold about $150 worth of items.  So after all my expenses were paid really for the day I made about $20 bucks.  Not great at all but I have to look at it this way.  I received 3 new customers great contacts and best of all since the ladies felt bad for me they took a fundraiser book and will be passing my information along.

While I was disappointed a little of course you always want to sell tons at these events.  I did not let it show and I smiled and did not make these ladies feel worse that the event did not go as planned.

My point you win some and you loose some.  Even though I have been doing this type of thing for years I still have bad shows and good shows and no shows.

I am not perfect and you are not perfect and while we will not get rich quick we will surely get rich both with knowledge and money!!!

One of my favorite quotes that I came across is....You can make excuses or you make money but you cannot make both.

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