Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You don't need to bribe people....

I can admit I am guilty of this one. You do not need to bribe your possible new recruits business partners.  Your company offers great incentives for taking advantage of the opportunity.  It just makes you look plain well desperate, and no one wants to look like that.  I know it took me a while to understand that part.  I thought that hey I give them gifts for joining and use my own money it will make them want to join and then I will make money. 

Guess what I really didn't make any money like that.  I used my money and gave them all this product and pushed the cheapest option to sign up.  All that got me was a bunch of recruits that got free product and became kit nappers.  Just joined to get the free product and the kit and never did anymore then that. 
Now I will say that some of the best business partners that I have had are the ones that just want the personal discount.  That is they join to get their products at a discount and they may sell to close friends.  Once you know what your partner wants out of their business you can focus on points to help them.

Now back to the point at hand. While you do not need to bribe someone to join your business.  You do need to encourage them to achieve milestones in their business.  So I offer SMALL incentives for them I use business supplies as incentives often.  For this I use VistaPrint a fantastic site to find all kinds of business cards, postcards T shirts tote bags I could go on and on but guess what many of them are FREE all you pay is shipping. 

So I offer many different levels after my new partner hosts their first home show I will give them a thank you gift of labels for their books.  Along with a cute little card telling them new places to put books.  I keep this going because we all know that we love a pat on the back every once in a while right.  So let them know you appreciate them and that you are there for them.  This will help them not giving them a discount on their kit and free stuff to start. 

If someone wants to start a business and make it successful they will spend the money to do so.  Trust me I know when I signed up I didn't have much money but I made it work and you know I worked even harder to make my money back.  Many companies are now offering payment plans to help them as well.

Get on out there and make some new business partners.... would love to hear what you think feel free to speak your mind below.....

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